Welcome to CloudHacker the virtual site of HackForGood. This new HackForGood virtual site is for teams which can not attend to the physical sites and want nevertheless to to participate in the event. This page should be used to register in this site and to submit your project over the Internet to HackForGood_2017. We welcome proyects which make our society better, and especially those which address the challenges submitted by NGOs, associations, private persons, ... to HackForGood to help making them a reality. The projects submitted to this site will be eavluated by a jury and will compete for the HackForGood - CloudHacker Prizes and for the HackForGood Big Day Prizes.

HackForGood 2017 Focus
HackForGood 2017 focuses on the sue of data and data applications with a high social impact. The solutions and projects proposed should sove societal challenges, especially the challenges submitted over the challenges submittions page. Anyone can submitt his one challenge in Spanish or in English.

Evaluation Criteria of Submissions
The winners will be choosen according to the follwing criteria: 1. Impact and importance of the problem solved; 2. Creativity and innovation of the proposed solution. 3. Progress and maturity of the proposed solution achieved during the HackForGood event.

CloudHacker Prizes

HackForGood Prizes

All the projects submitted to the CloudHacker site will be evaluated by a jury according to the before mentioned criteria. The jury will award three prizes to the best projects: 1st prize: 1.000€, 2nd prize: 600€ y 3rd prize: 400€.

HackForGood Big Day Prizes

In addition, the project winning the 1st CloudHacker prize will compete, together with the winners of the 1st prizes of the rest of the physical local sites, for the HackForGood Big Day Prizes which will be awarded the 20th of September in Madrid to the project which has achieved most progress from HackForGood in March till September.

Taking part in CloudHacker


If you are willing to participate in HackForGood 2017 by setting up a team to compete in CloudHacker, please preregister here



When hacking starts in HackForGood 2017 the HackerForGood form will be accesible from here. Please fill all the requested inputs when you submit it.

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And don´t forget, when your project is completed at the endo of the HackForGood hacking time to register your project here in HackForGood 2017, such that it can be evaluated. This is mandatory to be evaluated.

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